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We want to shine a light on our Borough Council so that everyone can understand what is happening with issues that affect our lives.

We will balance economic development with the true character of our residential neighborhood. We opposed the fracking lease at Linbrook Park, and we want to protect the health and well-being of residents - as well as home values.

We intend to establish a method to inform and interact with Franklin Park residents about our community issues.




How can you help the campaign?



Dr. Jiang Li - WARD 1

Medical Doctor and PhD scientist at Pitt | 9 year Franklin Park resident | North Allegheny Parent

“My wife, Cathy, and I moved to Pittsburgh 18 years ago and eventually came to see that Franklin Park is the best possible place to raise our two kids. I love it here and strongly believe that it's time for residents -- including me -- to step up and protect this wonderful community." -Dr. Li

Dr. Li believes Borough Council has a tremendous responsibility: to defend the health and well-being of every member of this beautiful community. On Council, Dr. Li will:

  • Establish ordinances that safeguard our air, our water and our green spaces, particularly when it comes to oil and gas drilling

  • Improve transparency so that residents know how Council conducts business

  • Protect green spaces for recreational use as opposed to over commercial development



Susan Striz - WARD 2

Lawyer | FP Elementary Parent | Board of Director for Western PA Montessori School Board

“Franklin Park is an ideal place to start and raise a family. That’s what my husband and I have chosen to do here, and now I feel responsible for doing all I can to protect and preserve our community. ” -Susan Striz

Susan will work for and with all Franklin Park neighbors for the betterment of this amazing
community. On Council, she will:

  • Adopt municipal ordinances that protect natural green spaces, particularly when it comes to oil and gas drilling and over-development;

  • Enhance stormwater management and flood control through state and federal grants

  • Start using 21 st century communications methods to keep citizens informed and invite their input


Matt Ferriolo - WARD 2

Small business owner | Franklin Elementary parent | Baierl Family YMCA Board Member

“As a small business owner for the past 15 years, I’ve listened, collaborated, and delivered results.. That’s what I’ll do on Council to move our entire community forward.” -Matt Ferriolo

Matt believes Franklin Park is a terrific place to live and raise a family and that the Borough Council should do everything it can to protect this reality. On Council, he will:

  • Support ordinances to secure our parks and other natural spaces from oil and gas drilling and over-development

  • Recommit Council to the Borough’s Master Plan which has not been updated since 2006

  • Heighten transparency by bringing Borough communications into the 21st century and proactively seeking community input


Brian Malkin - WARD 3

Patent Lawyer | North Allegheny Parent | 14 year Franklin Park resident

“Borough Council impacts all of us, and I believe it should be fair, consistent and efficient. With 25 years of legal experience and a 10-year record of service on the zoning board and environmental council, I’m qualified and ready to go to work on your behalf.” -Brian Malkin

An attorney, a volunteer and a father of three, Brian wants to make Franklin Park the best it can be – for his family and yours. On Council, he will:

  • Update the storm water systems to prevent flooding in severe weather

  • Prevent overdevelopment of Franklin Park green spaces

  • Efficiently use taxpayer dollars



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